Free VST - Spicy Guitar

Yes this guitar is Spicy. Nine modelled guitar sounds that are great. Look and listen to them.

Free VST - u-he Tyrell N6

Are you a fan of analog synthesizer sounds of the 80’s, here is another beauty of u-he , the Tyrell N6. A great looking but even great sounding free synthesizer plugin

Free VST - Miscellania 1 & 2

Are you in need of sound effects, bells and chimes. Versillian studios created Miscellania one and two. Filled with all kinds of sounds, and they’re all free.


The NoiseMaker is one of the great and free synthesizers of TAL. They say it is the improved version of the Elektro, but is that true?

Free VST - Etherealwinds Harp II

This free plugin is just one instrument but it really is worth downloading. A great Celtic Harp with fantastic depth.

Free VST - TAL-Elek7ro

The TAL-Elek7tro is a great way to start working with synthesizers. It is an easy to use synth with a great sound.

Free VST - Surge Synthesizer

The Surge Synthesizer is a one of a kind instrument with lots of great features and over 1000 presets. A must have in your collection.

Free VST - u-he Triple Cheese Synthesizer

If you are looking for some additional and useful synthesizer sounds, check out the cheesy sounds of the u-he Triple Cheese.

Free VST - Real Orchestral Instruments

Orchestral violins, brass, woodwinds, orchestral percussion. These are the sounds we are looking for, but are these free versions any good? Yes, we think they are. We reviewed two different FREE sampled orchestras and were impressed.

Free VST - NI Blocks Base

Native Instruments' Blocks Base is a free Modular Synths for Reaktor 6. Check it out.

Free VST - 5 reverbs

Reverb is one of the most used effects in music. We made a short list of interesting but different reverb effects that are all free.

Free VST - Sitala

Decomposer Sitala is a drum sample player with many extra's. And it is free, so check it out.

Free VST - NI Komplete Start

Native Instruments is gone crazy. They give away a bundle of free synths and sounds in a brand new interface.

Free VST - Alter Ego

The Alter Ego Singing Synthesizer of Plogue is a weird but fantastic free plugin.

8 Free Drum Kits VST

We made a list of 64-bit vst plugins that offer a variety of realistic, vintage and some synthesized drum sounds. They are almost all usable and some of them are even fantastic.

80 VST plugins - CM Magazine

If you want 30 great VST instruments and over 50 superb VST effects plugins for just a few dollars, check it out...

Free VST - 7 pianos

There are several free acoustic piano VSTs around, we picked seven of them and played them to see which one sounds and suits best.

Free VST - Alipapa VR-08

Are you looking for some great Roland TR-808 sounds? The VR-08 is a virtual 808 drum machine with great specs.

Free VST - IK Syntronik

The IK Syntronik VST instrument also has a Free version with 17 synthesizers and over 50 preset sounds in it, but you can also edit them and create your own sounds.

Free VST - NI Kontakt 6

Native Instruments is one of the leading creators of VST instruments and effects. They give away 50 fantastic sounds.

Free VST - PolyGAS

PolyGAS is a synthesizer based on granular synthesis which basically uses small bits of a sample to create a new sound, and you can load your own samples to synthesize them.

Free VST - Cakewalk Studio Instruments

We found some great VST instruments hidden in Cakewalk by Bandlab. And you can use them in your own DAW...

Free VST u-he Zebralette

The free VST synthesizer u-he Zebralette is a fantastic sounding instrument with 300 great presets....

Free VST real Instruments

Are you looking for some great FREE realistic instruments VST plugins? Check this out!

First free HRS Course

In december we launched our first FREE course on Teachable. This course is an introduction to Home Recording....