Having your own Recording Studio is not only for the rich and famous anymore.
Anyone can now produce a great and professional sounding song at home, in their own Home Recording Studio. This course is an introduction to recording music at home. An easy to follow course that will learn you the basics.

What you'll learn from this course?
You will learn where and when recording started and how it evolved over time. The difference between a Big Studio and a Home Studio or Project Studio. What the advantages are of having a fully digital studio, and a short history of synthezisers that came up in the 80's and now still are used as virtual plugins. And ofcourse I will tell you a little bit about MIDI, the system that glues it all together.

What you won't learn
If you want a quick solution for setting up your own recording studio, that is in the next course. This introduction course is just and entrance into the world of sounds and music.

Before starting
I have done my best to make this course as easy to follow as possible. Since I am no native English speaker, some mistakes in pronounciation or in the choice of words might occur. Please don't shoot me for that. I am just trying and hoping to give you the best of my knowledge I gained during the decades I worked in music studio's in the Netherlands.

Lesson 1 - Recording Sounds

In this first lesson I will talk about the history of recording sounds which started a long time ago, in France.
Click on the picture below or this link to watch the video.

Course01 RecordingSound Image

Do the test

Extra videos

Listen to the first recording of a song in 1860 and listen to the deconstruction of the 4-track recordings of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band of The Beatles, more than a hundred years later. The 1st Beatles track starts at 0:00 - The 2nd track at 2:22 - The 3rd track at 4:36 - Finally all tracks at 6:55


Here are the links to all sounds and videos I mentioned in the lecture.


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