mixing desk 351478 1920This is a beginners course in which you will find information about how to set up your recording studio at home. If you are not a beginner you probably won't find anything interesting here, but you never know.

At the right -> of this text you will find the menu of this course so you can switch to any of the subjects. At the bottom of each page you will find a link to the next lesson.

Most topics start with a video followed by some additional information and some links to visit. This additional info will change and will be updated every now and then because hardware and software change frequently. You might even have something to add to our lists, so please come back to visit the course regularly, if you have any additional info or ideas, please send us your comment through our website. We hope you have fun!


Nick 2014 512bYOUR TEACHER

Your teacher in this course is Nick Zwart. He has worked in music business for over 35 years and as a producer, arranger/composer and technician in several recording studio's in the Netherlands. He worked for big companies like Kawai and Roland Musical Instruments, has been technical editor of a Dutch music magazine for over 15 years, writing articles about MIDI, studio and keyboard stuff. He now runs his own fully digital studio in the middle of the Netherlands, the country where world's best DJ's live. I bet you can name some of them? Nick can teach you all you need to know about making music, using your computer, so will you be the next upcomming DJ, music producer or EDM artist?



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