Buy Computer Music Magazine
This magazine has a DVD with it's magazine, but also when you buy the digitale version, you can have access to all the VST instruments and effects that are on this DVD. For just e few dollars/euro's/pounds you can buy a digital copy and start downloading over 70 professional VST's.

Buy the Triqtraq iPhone app
Along with this app you can get a licence for Ableton Live 10 Lite for just 5 US$.
Website: â€˜triqtraq - jam sequencer’ from the Apple App Store

Cracked software?
You might think that cracked software is a great way to start producing your music, but I have to send out a very big warning about this. Cracked software is always an old version but it is also never a complete piece of software. Some parts of the software won't work, there are many crashed in cracked software. It is much better to start with a free or cheap version. But that is not even the biggest concern...

There are cracked software spread around which also has some virus in it. So you think you have a great and cheap DAW but is actually is spreading a virus in your and other computers. It can ruin your complete system. And is that what you really want?

So go for free or cheap software from one of the manufacturers in our list. These are safe!

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