Here's a list of things you might want to buy to make working in your studio even better...

  • Power strip - get a power strip with around 6 connectors and an ON/OFF switch.
  • Wireless mouse - it is so much better to have no cables running over your desk, so a wireless mouse is really one of the first things you have to buy.
  • DI box - you need this to make direct recordings from an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar with a microphone built in. Just plug the jack plug of the guitar in the input of the DI box and connect the XLR out to your audio interface.
  • Powered USB hub - there are never enough USB connections on your computer, so get a hub to have 5 more USB ports. Just connect the USB port of your computer to the USB IN of the hub.
  • Headphone mixer/amplifier - this small mixer give all visitors access to your sound, they can all listen to your mix and set individual volumes.
  • Cables (XLR and jack) - try to buy them in different lengths. Connect your interface to the speakers with a short cable. Have long cables for the microphones.
  • Mic stands - if you have a microphone you need a stand also, get a heavy one. It might prevent your mic from falling.
  • Sheet music stand - when you are recording vocals you need this to hold the lyrics.
  • Shockmount - some microphones come with a shockmount, but some don't, so when you buy a microphone, check if it has one.
  • Pop shield - this is really needed, it will make vocal recording so much easier.
  • Speaker stands - placing your speakers away from the desk, on separate stands, is a great way to improve your sound. The desk will not resonate with your speaker's sound.
  • Acoustic panels - if you have too many reflections in your room, check what you can do about that and get some panels.
  • Carpet / Persian rug - this helps a lot to reduce the reflections in your room.
  • Hardware controller - because you have a DAW, everyting is done in your computer. But your computer has no faders and other buttons dedicated to your DAW, so getting a controller for that is the next step for your studio. Check them out!



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