Native Instruments is gone crazy. They give away a bundle of free synths and sounds in a brand new interface.

NI Komplete StartThis doesn’t happen a lot, a big company like Native Instruments gives away so much great instruments for free. 6 synths, 9 sampled instruments with over 2000 fantastic sounds, and all in a brand new interface that gives you easy access to all the instruments and sounds. This is something you really must install. The Komplete Start bundle.
So check out the video and see how we can get this downloaded and running.

What steps should you take?

  • Go to the NI KOMPLETE START web page
  • If you have no account, download and install the Native Access software
  • Start Native Access and click on the bottom link to create your NI account
  • After your account is created, log in on your Native Access
  • Click on Refresh at the right top
  • All plugins and software will be loaded
  • If none are loaded, go to this NI web page and log in with your account
  • Click on the GET COMPLETE START button
  • Go back to your Native Access and press refresh at the right top
  • Select the 'Not installed ' link at the left
  • Select the 'Install All' button at the right top
  • Take some coffee
  • Open the KOMPLETE START standalone version on your desktop
  • Now it will load all instruments and settings, wait until that is finished
  • Start your DAW and make some music !

Watch the video on youTube:

NI Komplete Start info and downloads

NI Komplete Start Quick Start Guide 

Watch Andrew Huang create a song with only Komplete Start instruments|

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