If you want 30 great VST instruments and over 50 superb VST effects plugins for just a few dollars, check it out...

80VSTplugins CMmagazineEvery issue of Computer Music Magazine comes with a DVD. But this content can also be downloaded if you buy the online version (only 3.99 US$) of the magazine.

Here are the steps you have to follow.

  • First, you have to go to pocketmags.com and register for an account there.
  • Next log in and do a search for Computer Music
  • Scroll down until you find the Computer Music Magazine and click on it.
  • Next add the latest magazine to your cart and checkout.
  • When the payment is done, the magazine will be added to your library. Which you can find at the right top.
  • Click on the magazine to read it online. 

Now you have to go to another website. Because all VST files, video tutorials and documents of this magazine are stored somewhere else.

  • Go to filesilo.co.uk/computermusic
  • Register for an account. 
  • Log in, you will see all Computer Music Magazines with locks on them.
  • Here you have to unlock the magazine you just bought, and that can be done by answering a question.
  • The answer of this question can be found in the magazine (see above). They want to verify your purchase this way.
  • Now you can download the VST instruments and effects.
  • The downloads are zip files. After downloading these two files you have 30 new instruments VST and over 50 effects which you can install. Most of them have a pdf with some instructions how to use them.

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  1. u-he Zebra CM
  2. Cableguys Curve 2.6 CM
  3. KV331 Audio Syhthmaster CM
  4. Synapse Audio Dune CM
  5. u-he Bazille CM
  6. Dmitry Sches Thorn CM
  7. Psychic Modulation Phonec 
  8. Enzyme CM
  9. Klevgränd Enkl CM
  10. LinPlug Alpha CM
  11. XILS-lab PolyKB II CM
  12. Madrona Labs Aalto CM
  13. CILS-lab XILS 3 CM
  14. DopeVST Beat Machine CM
  15. AudioReallism ADM CM
  16. brunsandsprok Grooove CM
  17. XILS-lab StiX CM
  18. Expert Sleepers XFadeLooper
  19. Loomer Cumulus
  20. DopeVST Bass Engine CM
  21. KirnuCream CM
  22. Monoplugs B-Step CM
  23. zplane vielklang 2 CM
  24. Eisenberg Einklang CM
  25. Rob Papen RG-Muted CM
  26. AudioThing miniBit CM
  27. Squareheads Nora CM
  28. RF Music Scale Player CM
  29. AutoTonic CM
  30. Krotos Audio Reformer



  1. eaReckon CM-COMP 87
  2. LVC-Audio Transector CM
  3. Unfiltered Audio G8 CM
  4. HoRNet Fat-FET
  5. HoRNet DrumShaper
  6. audioD3CK SunRuys CM
  7. Toneboosters Sibalance CM
  8. D16 Group Frontier
  9. Ignite VST Vice One
  10. Toneboosters Barricade CM
  11. SKnote Snap
  12. Acustica Audio Violet CM


  1. Blue Cat Audio FreqAnalyst CM
  2. Photosounder Spiral CM
  3. Vengeance-SoundScope


  1. Acustica Audio Pink CM
  2. DDMF CM EQ Pack
  3. Vengeance-SoundPhilta CM
  4. AudioThing The Orb CM
  5. Overtone DSP Program EQ CM
  6. AudioThing ValveFilter CM
  7. Overtone DSP AF2-10 CM
  8. eaReackon CM-EQUA 87


  1.  LiquidSonics Reverberate CM
  2. PSP Audioware cmDelay
  3. Surreal Machine Microfuse
  4. Acon Digital CM Verb
  5. Ignite VST areena


  1. Subsonic Labs Wolfram CM
  2. LVC-Audio T-Chain CM
  3. Inear Display Eurydice CM
  4. Tekít Audio CrossDr CM


  1. Audio Assault GrindMachine CM
  2. NoiseAsh SpeakerSim CM
  3. Sonimus Satson CM
  4. Rob Papen RP-Distort CM
  5. Shattered Glass Audio Inferno CM
  6. Cableguys WaveSharper CM
  7. Kuassa PreMix CM
  8. Audiffex STA Enhancer CM
  9. Audio Assalt BassAmp CM
  10. Mercuriall U530 CM
  11. HoRNet Graffio CM
  12. Lindell 6X-500 CM


  1. Auburn Sounds Panagement CM
  2. JST & Boz Sidewidener
  3. New Sonic Arts Freestyle CM
  4. Nyrv Agent CM
  5. Dotec-Audio DeeMonitor
  6. HoRNet FreMo
  7. Audio Vitamins Life CM


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