There are several free acoustic piano VSTs around, we picked seven of them and played them to see which one sounds and suits best.

Free VST - 7 Acoustic Pianos

We have found seven different free piano vsts that are all 64 bit and installed them on our DAW. Almost all of the vsts are quite easy to install, just by unpacking the zip file and then copy the dll file and the sounds folder, into the vst plugin folder you use. Only a few of them had a real install, but that also went quite easy. Only the Neo Piano was empty after the install and needed some extra loading of the free sounds.

  • The 4front piano of Yohng is the simplest of all. It has no controls and just one sound. But it is just a small load on your computer.

  • DSK the Grand is also a vst with just one sound, but it has 4 velocity layers. It has simple controls like Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release, which we will refer to as ADRS. It has a reverb built in an a control for the level.

  • The DPiano-A has just one piano sound in it, it sounds like it has two velocity layers in it. It has several controls like Tuning, Velocity control, Sound controls like Hardness, treble, decay and release. And at the Master section you can select how many notes polyphonic this vst should be, the wideness of the stereo sound and the main volume. They created 8 presets with these controls and you can also create and safe some user presets.

  • Versillian Upright Piano is also just one piano sound but it uses three velocity layers in the sound and every sample has a long decay, up to 30 seconds. Also here the ADSR, and Volume, Panorama and a reverb knob.

  • Neo Piano one of Soundmagic has just one free sound in it but you can buy extra sound packages for this vst. The one sound is a simple but good sampled piano with just one layer. But the controls are great. You can edit the Harmonics, Tone control, choose a Perspective, change the dynamics and it has a great reverb built in. They created some presets with the one piano sound.

  • The NST piano of BigCat instruments has a selection of 5 different piano’s in it, 4 acoustic piano’s and one electric style piano. It has simple controls like Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release, which we will refer to as ADRS. It has volume, panorama and a built in reverb.

  • Keyzone Classic has 5 sounds, three acoustic piano sounds and two electric piano’s. Also here we see the ADSR, a reverb and volume button. But you can also detune it, choose a velocity curve and it has an LFO that can control pitch, volume or the panorama of the sound, which is sometimes used with electric pianos.


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