Free VST - Martinic Kee Bass

The Kee Bass of Martinic is a free vst plugin that emulates the Rheem Kee Bass from the 60’s. A simple and easy to use vintage bass sound packed in a great looking virtual instrument.

Free VST - Dead Duck Classic Instruments

Dead Duck Software created a Free bundle of four instruments for Windows. A subtractive synth, an FM synth, a Piano plugin and an Electric piano. All bundled in the Classic instrument pack.

VST Syntheziser - Cherry Audio Quadra

The Quadra of Cherry Audio is an impressive VST plugin emulating the ARP Quadra. They created a virtual instrument that resembles the original ARP, with really great sounds and presets.

Free VST - Full Bucket WhispAir

The Full Bucket WhispAir synthesizer is the winner of the KVR Audio developer Challenge of 2021. A brand new synthesizer plugin that is totally free and comes with great presets.

Free VST - Audiolatry 4 pianos

Audiolatry is a new group that created 4 FREE piano plugins, and they sound quite good. So we checked all four plugins in one video.

VST Synthesizer - Cherry Audio Memorymode

The Memorymode of Cherry Audio is a unique synthesizer inspired by the Memorymoog from the 80’s. 

Free VST - NoiseAsh Sweetcase - electric piano

The Free Sweetcase vintage electric piano plugin of NoiseAsh is a very welcome addition to your stock of piano’s, it sounds great and has some nice effects.

VST Synth - Cherry Audio PS-20

The PS-20 of Cherry Audio is a VST synthesizer plugin which is a tribute to the Korg MS-20. It offers easy programming and over 250 astonishing presets, for a very low price.

FREE TOOLS - Vocal Remover is a website with a bunch of very interesting free online tools for your music. And they offer more than just removing vocals.

Free VST - Spitfire Audio LABS

Spitfire audio made some great free virtual instruments under the name LABS. They sound really fantastic.

VST synthesizer - Cherry Audio Polymode

The Polymode of Cherry Audio is a unique synthesizer inspired by the Moog Polymoog of the 70’s. The quality of the sounds is really great and the prize is low.

Review - Devine M-Mic Pro microphone

The Devine M-Mic PRO is a very affordable condenser mic that can be used for conference calls, blogs and recording instruments and voices.

Free VST - 99sounds Upright Piano

We all know you can not have enough piano sounds, so this free Upright Piano plugin of 99sounds is very welcome. We checked it out and here’s the short review of it.

Free VST - SynthMaster Player

The Free version of the SynthMaster Player offers hundreds of preset sounds for free. With some small and easy editing this is a great addition to your sound library.

VST synthesizer - Cherry Audio DCO-106

The DCO-106 of Cherry Audio is a VST plugin that recreates the iconic Roland synthesizer of the 80’s. It offers easy programming and over 300 astonishing presets, for a low price.

Free VST - Electronik Soundlab RVK-808

The RVK-808 of Electronik Soundlab brings back those great 808 sounds, and more. A very useful plugin and it is totally free.

VST Synthesizer - UVI Synth Anthology 3

Synth Anthology 3 of UVI is an enormous collection of sounds, sampled from many hardware synthesizers. All re-processed and packed in a fantastic vst plugin with many extra processing options.

Free VST - SONICBITS Exakt Lite

Exakt Lite of Sonicbits is a free FM synthesizer plugin which seems to be user friendly. A good reason to check this one out.

Free VST - Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG-1 Plus

Cherry Audio recreated an 80’s synth and named it the Surrealistic MG-1 Plus. A free synthesizer plugin with great sounds.

Free VST - FORT3 piano

FORT3 of Electronix soundlab is a free piano plugin with some surprising extra effects and since we can not have enough piano’s, let’s check this one out.

Free VST - Analog Maffia RC-808-PLG

The RC-808-PLG of Analog Mafia re-creates the famous Roland TR 808 but it delivers much more. It’s a real analog drum synthesizer plugin, created by R&D technicians that worked for Roland in the past.

VST synth - Cherry Audio CA2600

The CA2600 of Cherry Audio is a fantastic VST plugin emulating the ARP 2600. They created an instrument that comes very close to the original, with really great sounds and presets, for a very low price.

Ableton - Learning Synths online

Have you ever wondered how synthesis works but never found the time to check it out? Ableton created an online course that learns you the basics of synthesis.

Free VST - 7 Tools & Gadgets

We found some fantastic free tools and gadgets for your DAW that you might want to use.

Free VST - Surge for VCV Rack

The Free virtual modular synthesizer VCV Rack is expanding fast, now the people of Surge created a complete set of modules for the Rack.

Free VST - Quiet Music - Classic.Gtr Lite

Classic.Gtr Lite of Quiet Music is a free plugin that offers Classical Guitar sounds that can be used for many music styles.

Free VST - DSK Dynamic Guitars

DSK Dynamic Guitars is a free vst plugin that gives your three sampled guitar sounds that really sound convincing.

Free VST - HaNon B70 - Organ

HaNon B70 is a virtual drawbar organ with a rotary speaker that really takes you back to the 70’s, with a great sound and very useful presets.

Free VST - Quiet Music - Healing Lite

Healing lite of Quiet Music is a free plugin that offers some professional high quality sounds you can use for relaxing music.

Free VST - K1v synthesizer (by Nils Schneider)

The K1v is a more than complete VST plugin emulating the famous Kawai K1, including all sounds that were ever made by Kawai.

Free VST - Full Bucket ModulAir Synthesizer

Modular synthesizers are hot these days, reason for us to check out the FREE ModulAir Synthesizer made by Full Bucket.

Free VST - Croma Synthesizer

Croma created by K Brown is a synthesizer plugin with many interesting features and controls that you normally don’t find on a virtual instrument. 

Free VST - Quiet Music Serenity

Serenity of Quiet Music is a special plugin to create relaxing music with some extra natural sounds.

Free VST - DiscoDSP - OB-XD 2.0 synthesizer

OB-XD 2.0 is a synthesizer with many sounds from the past. A fantastic Oberheim OB-X clone with an enormous pack of presets.

Free VST - BBC Symphonic Orchestra Discover

BBC Symphonic Orchestra Discover of Spitfire Audio is a FREE plugin with many fantastic orchestral instruments. 

Free VST - Brassinematic

Brassinematic of Fanan Musical Solutions is a very interesting plugin with 4 brass instruments you can edit and mix together. It has some interesting hidden features.

Free VST - MFreeFXBundle (37 effects)

MFreeFXBundle of Melda Production is a set of 37 free effect plugins with some very useful and impressive effects that normally are not available for free.

Free VST - ColaB3 Tonewheel Organ

ColaB3 is a brand new free tonewheel organ emulation with rotary speaker simulation. Many producers are looking for this sound in a plugin.

Free VST - Blue Cat's 7 Effects Pack II

The free plugin pack two of Blue Cat Audio is a bundle of 7 effect plugins that can really help you with recording and mixing, and they are totally free.

Free VST - Full Bucket Fury-800 synthesizer

Fury-800 of Full Bucket is a fantastic simulation of the Korg Poly 800. Great sounds and some interesting features, all packed in a free VST plugin

Free VST - Helm Synthesizer

The Helm by Matt Tytel is a surprisingly versatile synthesizer plugin with a great graphical interface and fantastic sounds.

Free VST - MauSynth

MauSynth is a free VST synthesizer plugin for Windows with some surprisingly great sounds in it.

Free VST - Orchestral Tools Layers

Layers of Orchestral Tools is a free Orchestral plugin that really blew us away. This free orchestra is a must have.

Free VST - u-he Podolski Synthesizer

The Podolski of u-he has been around for a while, but they released a 2020 version in january, so it is time to take a closer look at this great and FREE synthesizer. 

Free VST - SampleScience Resonance

The Resonance of SampleScience is a simple but useful piano sound that is a good addition to your sound library. 

Free VST - Steven Slate SSD 5.5

The SSD 5.5 of Steven Slate is a fantastic free drum plugin which is a must have in your set of plugins.

Free VST - Voltage Modular Nucleus

Cherry Audio has some interesting virtual modular synthesizers. And now they give away the Nucleus for FREE. A great way to start playing with virtual modules.

Free VST - Full Bucket Tricent mk III

Tricent mk III of Full Bucket is a fantastic simulation of the Korg Trident. Great sounds and some interesting features, all packed in a free VST plugin.

Free DAW - Roland zenbeats

Roland Zenbeats is a new Music Creation app that runs on almost all devices. A great tool to capture your creativity and make your own music anywhere. 

Free VST - Dead Duck Effects Bundle

The free Dead Duck Effects bundle is a must have in your DAW. 25 useful effect plugins to improve your recordings and they are totally free.

Free VST - SampleScience Oberom Synthesizer

Oberom is a free synthesizer created by SampleScience and is a sampled version of the Oberon synthesizer. It has 16 sounds sampled from the original.

Top 10 - Free Realistic VST Instruments (2020)

Are you looking for free vst plugins of realistic instruments? We made a list of the 10 most downloaded plugins of the past 12 months.

Free VST - Cheeze Machine 2 synthesizer

The Cheeze Machine 2 of 2getheraudio is a small and easy to use FREE synthesizer plugin with some nice features and great presets. 

Free VST - The One Hour Mastering Workshop

The One Hour Mastering Workshop is a free course to help you understand the system of mastering. It comes as a PDF with five great free effect plugins of Noiz Lab to create your master.

Free VST - ITS synthesizer

The free ITS synthesizer plugin of is dedicated to create rhythmic tracks.  Great for rave, techno or psytrance.

Free VST - Yojo realistic banjo

The Yojo of Reflekt Audio is a free digital banjo plugin for Mac and Windows, simple but very useful. So let’s see what it can do.

Free VST - Tunefish v4 Synthesizer

Tunefish is a free synthesizer that definitely gets its place in our top 5 list. It has fantastic sounds, great filters and lots of effects, really impressive.

Free VST - Dexed FM Synthesizer

The Dexed is the favorite free plugin of many synthesizer players. Why, because it can play all the FM sounds of the 80’s.

Free VST - Emulator I Synthesizer

The Emulator 1 of DSE is an emulator clone and it is Free. It has a lot of sounds of the original Emulator and some easy to work with extras.

Free VST - Steinberg Neon Synthesizer

The Steinberg Neon is a small synth plugin from long ago so some of you might have worked with it in the past.

Free VST - VSL Big Bang Orchestra

Vienna Symphonic Library is software that orchestral and film score composers use. They now released a free set called The Big Bang Orchestra.

Free VST - Full Bucket SequenceAir

SequenceAir of Full Bucket is a very surprising step sequencer which comes with some great features that are very useful for synthesizer musician.

Free VST - Charlatan synthesizer

Are you looking for a synthesizer to learn Sound Synthesis and have some great sounds? Charlatan of Blaukraut Engineering is the one to check out.

Free VST - TAL U-NO-62

The TAL U-No-62 is a polyphonic virtual analogue synth with a unique filter sound. A Roland JUNO 60 soundalike.

Free VST - Steinberg VB-1

The Steinberg VB-1 is a small and easy to use virtual bass plugin and is a very simple plugin with some surprisingly useful sounds. 

Free VST - Full Bucket MPS

The Fullbucket MPS is a surprisingly easy to work with synthesizer, it aims to create sounds fast and easy using a small intuitive set of parameters.

Free VST - Steinberg Model E

Steinberg created a synthesizer plugin, modelled on the MiniMoog. And a while ago they made it free available.

Free VST - Keys of the 70's

A grand piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Vibraphone in one free plugin.  With excelent effects and controls. A must have in your free collection.

Free VST - Rumpelrausch Täips AZR-3 organ

The AZR-3 is one of the few free Hammond organ plugins that is also available in 64 bit and it has a great realistic sound and it even has a rotary speaker simulation.

Free VST - Ample Guitar M Lite

Ample Guitar M lite is considered the best FREE realistic acoustic guitar plugin and it has a fantastic sound and some great tools to work with.

Sound Synthesis Course (VCV Rack)

This is a sound synthesis course using the free VCV Rack virtual modular synthesizer.

VCV Rack - Free modular synthesizer

The Free virtual modular synthesizer VCV Rack is around for a while as beta version, but now it got a major update to version 1. A basic overview of this new synth.

Free VST - Spicy Guitar

Yes this guitar is Spicy. Nine modelled guitar sounds that are great. Look and listen to them.

Free VST - u-he Tyrell N6

Are you a fan of analog synthesizer sounds of the 80’s, here is another beauty of u-he , the Tyrell N6. A great looking but even great sounding free synthesizer plugin

Free VST - Miscellania 1 & 2

Are you in need of sound effects, bells and chimes. Versillian studios created Miscellania one and two. Filled with all kinds of sounds, and they’re all free.


The NoiseMaker is one of the great and free synthesizers of TAL. They say it is the improved version of the Elektro, but is that true?

Free VST - Etherealwinds Harp II

This free plugin is just one instrument but it really is worth downloading. A great Celtic Harp with fantastic depth.

Free VST - TAL-Elek7ro

The TAL-Elek7tro is a great way to start working with synthesizers. It is an easy to use synth with a great sound.

Free VST - Surge Synthesizer

The Surge Synthesizer is a one of a kind instrument with lots of great features and over 1000 presets. A must have in your collection.

Free VST - u-he Triple Cheese Synthesizer

If you are looking for some additional and useful synthesizer sounds, check out the cheesy sounds of the u-he Triple Cheese.

Free VST - Real Orchestral Instruments

Orchestral violins, brass, woodwinds, orchestral percussion. These are the sounds we are looking for, but are these free versions any good? Yes, we think they are. We reviewed two different FREE sampled orchestras and were impressed.

Free VST - NI Blocks Base

Native Instruments' Blocks Base is a free Modular Synths for Reaktor 6. Check it out.

Free VST - 5 reverbs

Reverb is one of the most used effects in music. We made a short list of interesting but different reverb effects that are all free.

Free VST - Sitala

Decomposer Sitala is a drum sample player with many extra's. And it is free, so check it out.

Free VST - NI Komplete Start

Native Instruments is gone crazy. They give away a bundle of free synths and sounds in a brand new interface.

Free VST - Alter Ego

The Alter Ego Singing Synthesizer of Plogue is a weird but fantastic free plugin.

8 Free Drum Kits VST

We made a list of 64-bit vst plugins that offer a variety of realistic, vintage and some synthesized drum sounds. They are almost all usable and some of them are even fantastic.

80 VST plugins - CM Magazine

If you want 30 great VST instruments and over 50 superb VST effects plugins for just a few dollars, check it out...

Free VST - 7 pianos

There are several free acoustic piano VSTs around, we picked seven of them and played them to see which one sounds and suits best.

Free VST - Alipapa VR-08

Are you looking for some great Roland TR-808 sounds? The VR-08 is a virtual 808 drum machine with great specs.

Free VST - IK Syntronik

The IK Syntronik VST instrument also has a Free version with 17 synthesizers and over 50 preset sounds in it, but you can also edit them and create your own sounds.

Free VST - NI Kontakt 6

Native Instruments is one of the leading creators of VST instruments and effects. They give away 50 fantastic sounds.

Free VST - PolyGAS

PolyGAS is a synthesizer based on granular synthesis which basically uses small bits of a sample to create a new sound, and you can load your own samples to synthesize them.

Free VST - Cakewalk Studio Instruments

We found some great VST instruments hidden in Cakewalk by Bandlab. And you can use them in your own DAW...

Free VST u-he Zebralette

The free VST synthesizer u-he Zebralette is a fantastic sounding instrument with 300 great presets....

Free VST real Instruments

Are you looking for some great FREE realistic instruments VST plugins? Check this out!

First free HRS Course

In december we launched our first FREE course on Teachable. This course is an introduction to Home Recording....