General Introduction

We have created some videos as an introduction on creating beats in your DAW.

But first we have to tell you how these beats can be created in your specific DAW, because every DAW works slightly different and it is good to know the basics of this. So we created separate basic instruction videos for some of the most used software DAWs and we focus on how to work with the Piano Roll editor. Because the Piano Roll editor is one of the most used ways to create beats from scratch. And as far as we know, almost all DAWs have this editor.

If you want to know where the Piano Roll got his name from, check out our introduction video on our YouTube channel. And if you want to see an ancient Piano Roll in action, check out this video. We also found a video about the making of a street organ book.

In most modern DAWs, the term "piano roll" is used to refer to a graphical display of MIDI note data, where you can enter the pitch, length and velocity of notes manually. 

So how does that work in your DAW?
We created instruction videos for four different DAWs, where we explain how to create a beat with MIDI notes running a VST drumkit plugin. We made is very simple and you only have to follow the instructions step by step. If you look at the videos you will see that creating a beat is almost simular in all four, so if you have another DAW, the beat making frocess might be almost the same.

Check out the videos below (just click on the image) and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel to keep you updated. 

General Introduction


Cubase Cakewalk


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