Dancefair 2019We couldn’t visit all the masterclasses at the Dancefair 2019 but we picked the ones we thought would be interesting and we want to share the 10 best tips of these professionals we heard at the Dancefair.
We also saw a lot of great instruments, software presentations, monitor test rooms and many others. Check out the video to see what this Dancefair is all about.




  1. Use low levels of audio when you are working in your studio
    The music should be set to a volume where you still are able to have a normal conversation with someone sitting next to you. With higher volume you will not hear the music the right way, your brain will only be excited by it. Loud music always sounds much better, but it should also sound good on low levels so stick to that. You will also get less reflection of the room you work in when you work on lower levels.

  2. Start to mix a track at zero and move up
    When you want the right balance between tracks during mixing, start to playback the track at zero. So for instance you take out the bass by sliding it to zero, then slowly move it up and just listen to it. And try to mix it so it sounds acceptable in the mix. Start from the bottom and slowly slide up. Do this with every instrument in your mix. Just to hear what happens.

  3. Rest your ears every hour
    Take time to rest your ears every hour. So when you have been working on the drum track for an hour, stop and take a break. Your ears get tired and It might be that you do not hear the track right. Go and have a coffee, take a time out in the garden for a couple of minutes. And then go and do the next track. So make this a rule, to regularly take a break between tracks.

  4. First level up with volume before EQ
    If a hi hat is not punchy enough, do not start on the EQ but first use the level to make it heard better. The Hi Hat is already in a separate frequency range so you do not need to EQ that first. Try to work on the levels first and then use EQ.

  5. Play back your final mix in many different ways
    When you think you have finished mixing, playback your final mix on a low level, and take a little distance from it. Listen to it in another room, through the open door and see what sounds will still be heard. And playback your mix on an iPhone or through some small speakers or small headphones, to see if all your sounds are still heard.

  6. Don't finish your track at night... listen to it in the morning, with fresh ears
    Don’t send a finished track at the end of a busy day, when you are tired. Don’t send it away but wait until the next day. First sleep and listen to it again the next morning. You might need to make some changes, so do this with fresh ears.

  7. Your music should come from your heart, people will hear that
    Don’t try to make music that doesn’t come from your heart. Make music that is a reflection of you, of your thoughts, of your feelings. Because good music is not a technical trick you can do, but good music comes from your inspiration,
    people will hear that when they play your music.

  8. Tune kick and snare in the key of your other tracks
    Try to get the kick and snare in the key of your track. Not only the bass and all instruments are played in a certain musical key. Also the kick and snare are tuned in some way and it is advised by several producers to tune these to the key of the track.

  9. Only focus on the track you are working on
    Be focussed on the track you are mixing. So if you are doing the focal track, don’t get distracted by a kick or a bass that is not sounding good, keep your focus on the vocals and do the kick or bass later. This way you can work much faster and better.

  10. After the final mix, compare it with a reference track
    When mixing, first make your own mix the way you like it, and then compare it with a reference track, a piece of music that you think is the quality you want to reach. Switch between them and listen if you can find any differences in EQ and volumes of the different tracks of your music..



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